I have two EDC loads that I default to: one for going to work, and one when I am out and about with the family. The biggest thing I change is my bag. After years of searching I finally settled on the 5.11 Bail Out Bag. I like the contoured shape of the bag. It also isn’t too gigantic. I have the habit of filling any open space with stuff. Too much stuff in a shoulder bag over a long trek is just not fun. To me that is kind of the point of having a messenger type bag versus a backpack. The other advantage being that I can access everything inside the bag while on the move. A sort of melding between 2nd and 3rd line gear.

I hope to do a review on the contents at a later date. For now onto my pockets. Starting from the top left.

I always have on my Suunto. What I have found is that the band always rips. I ordered my current band from Eastern Oregon Leather Co. It is the Classic Black Leather Watch Cuff.  They have fancier spikes and rivets if that is your style. My coworkers told me to go back to my 80’s hair metal band with my first one. So this is the second band I have bought from them. Quality craftsmanship.

I normally carry two blades. One a multi-tool, and one for whatever else might arise. Here I have a Gerber Crucial. It is nice and light. The Crucial has all the bells and whistles I might need. Pliers, small knife, screwdriver, and the most important bottle opener. I have been toying with secondary blades. I am trying to pick up some karambit training, so I have been carrying one of those around. They were in my weekend shorts, so my fallback this morning was a SOG Trident. I really love this knife. I think this is the third one I am on. I initially picked one up from a SOG representative at a Scott Donelan Tactical Tracking Class in 2006. I then found a good deal AAFES in Italy and bought two more for backup. As I said, I really like this knife.

I try and carry some form of paracord bracelet on my left arm. I wear it on top of my heart rate monitor/Step tracker the MIO Fuse (not pictured). I honestly do not remember where I picked this one up. I wish I did, because it has everything you need in a survival bracelet, down to the metal survival saw.

I carry my duty pistol in a Raven Concealment Systems kydex holster. A solid company that makes solid products. Products made in the USA. If you have been doing any type of concealed carry, you already know who this company is. Quality.

My favorite ball cap is made by Viper Headwear. This hat fits my head like a glove and is the most comfortable hat I have found for me. It is fitted to my size, which I like. It doesn’t fall too far down and cover my ears. I am not sure the exact model, I have had it so long.

My wallet is a custom deal from veteran owned Celtic Shield. The opposite side has my team coin for any coin challengers. I have used a minimalist wallet for close to 15 years now. I always carry my wallet in my front pocket. Go to enough countries with rampant pick-pockets, and you might too.  This wallet is bombproof. I need to order the money clip for it, but that is the only change I would make to this wallet. And that was just my fault when I ordered initially.

The shades are ones I am testing for an upcoming review. They are made right here in the good ole’ U.S. of A. by GATORZ Eyewear. These are the Polarized Magnum. I might never switch sunglasses again. These things are the bomb-diggity.

When I get froggy I also carry around ammo cans. The ultimate TAC Reload.

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