In the shooting industry we always looking for ways to improve our skills and accuracy. There are a plethora of books, DVD’s, and YouTube videos explaining how to ‘break bad habits’ so to speak. Honestly you can only learn so much from watching videos and reading articles. What needs to happen is that you go to a good course taught by a reputable instructor who observes your shooting and offers constructive criticism. With that said though, not everybody has the cash to afford those courses or the time to invest. In these cases ‘something is better than nothing’.

In the past I’ve seen those pie chart targets that supposedly identify the issue based on where your rounds hit on the paper. While this seems great, I’ve always wondered who actually came up with this pie chart. I’ve looked at them, but never really gave them much thought, until I came across these two videos. In these two videos, John McPhee (Former Delta Operator) first deconstructs and debunks the original pie chart and then proceeds to build his own based on his many years of shooting as a member of a Tier 1 unit within the United States Army.

In this video John explains the original pie chart and pretty much rips it to shreds.

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