We’re a Mac kind of family, which had nothing to do with my view on the Apple/FBI controversy; we find that they’re a bit more resistant to attack. I just picked up an iPad Pro, which I’ve immediately fallen in love with. And I’m talking with you on an iPhone 6s. My normal rhythm in the morning is: The alarm goes off, I grab the iPad, download the CIA press clips and see what’s going on in the world. I have got the attachable keyboard, so when I want to sit down somewhere, it’s as if I’m at my workstation, even though I can easily tuck it into my backpack.

Believe it or not, for a birthday a couple of years ago I made my kids go find me a multi-CD player. It was not easy, but they did find a Sony,  so I can still listen to the hundreds of old CDs I have. We’ve got five classical CDs in right now, and I think two or three of the five are Mozart.

Every morning, without fail, I go downstairs and make a fine cup of coffee for my wife on our Nespresso Gran Maestria d520 and bring it up to her. We use the coffee on the intense end of the scale.

Other than news shows, I can’t remember the last time I watched a network TV show live. But we DVR the daylights out of “Homeland.” It’s always fun, and it’s far enough from reality to be enjoyable and close enough to reality to be authentic. We’re also binging on “Friday Night Lights,” which we find absolutely compelling.

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