Former Army Paratrooper Scott Ryan Merryman, 37, had allegedly traveled to the United States capital, Washington D.C., to kill US President Joe Biden. He claims that God directed him to kill Biden, who he described as the Antichrist.

On January 25, the decorated Army Airborne veteran had called his local police station stating that he would be paying Biden a visit in Washington. On January 26, he said that he was directly communicating with God. When contacted by the FBI about his plans, he said he wanted to talk to the President about the Book of Revelation and that he was going to “lop off the head of the serpent in the heart of the nation.” Later, he denied that the “serpent” was Biden.

However, posts from his personal Facebook page say otherwise. Posts from January 26 reveal that he had intentions of killing the President, stating, “There will be a miracle happening at the White House. I believe Joe Biden is the AntiChrist now, and he will suffer a fatal head wound. I’ll deal that blow in Christ’s name. Bro . . . This is getting deep. And, I’m going to do it with bullets and no gun.”

On the same day, the US Secret Service had tracked Scott Ryan Merryman down in a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Hagerstown, Maryland. He proceeded to tell agents that he had a very important message to deliver to Biden regarding how divided the United States of America was and that Biden should turn back to God or go to hell. He also emphasized to the Secret Service that he was cloaked by the “blood of the lamb” and that he was armored by God. While he wasn’t arrested on the spot, he later called the Secret Service and threatened them, saying that he had a bullet with a secret service agent’s name on it and that he was coming to cut the head off the serpent in the heart of America.