The Army’s Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program aims to improve the morale and welfare of single Soldiers by focusing on quality of life, recreation and leisure, and community service.

Cpl. Kelly Kribs, a visual information specialist from Bay City, Mich., and the Fort Irwin BOSS president, and her council have transformed the program over the past six months.

After serving as a BOSS unit representative for more than a year, Kribs took over as the Fort Irwin BOSS president in summer 2022 upon selection by the garrison and installation command sergeants major.

Though Kribs initially had doubts about taking the position, she knew she had what it takes to succeed, she said.

“I’m out in the community, I’m involved in events, [and] I have organizational skills,” Kribs said. “You need someone who can brief every week and walk up to random Soldiers at the motor pool or at Shock Wave and say ‘Hey, do you guys know what BOSS is, [and are] you interested?’”

Kribs’ passion and enthusiasm for the program influenced others to join and step into leadership roles.

Cpl. Dillon Agnew, a medic with 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, joined BOSS as a unit representative after arriving to Fort Irwin last summer, and became the Fort Irwin BOSS vice president in September 2022.

“When Cpl. Kribs took over … she showed that you could be passionate about the program, you could pull all your energy into it and seeing the change in the program with her and the motivation to get other reps involved [is] when I started talking to her [about council positions],” Agnew said. “I always like helping people, it’s one of the reasons I became a medic and BOSS was just another opportunity to help Soldiers out.”