Editor’s Note: Frank Demith is a renowned author and West Point graduate.  This exclusive work is made available to us today through the kind donation of his time and talents and through coordination with Ballast Books. — GDM

The Price of Victory

When I was a kid growing up on the southside of Chicago, there always seemed to be that one kid on the playground who wanted to pick a fight with somebody. Most of the time, it was over nothing, but on occasion there was a good reason behind it. Usually, the kid looking for a fight would only try to provoke someone they thought they could beat. Sometimes they would end up picking the wrong kid and have to take their black eye and go back to class. The problem with Israel and Hamas is even if they accomplish their stated objective of ridding Gaza of Hamas, they really won’t be able to do that in the long run.

This war started centuries ago, and as long as there is a goal of a two-state solution it will not end. Killing all the current members of Hamas will only embolden others to step up to take their place. The hatred between the two will still exist, even though Israel may agree to accept the existence of a Palestinian state in Gaza. The young in Gaza will continue to grow up learning of the terrible things done to their people by Israel and will remember the heroes of Hamas who stood against the Israelis and died as martyrs. With the help of outside influencers like Iran the attacks into Israel will not end.

It seems like Israel has gone out of its way to show the world what they already have known about Hamas, but it takes a sender and a receiver to have open communications, and the people of Gaza probably are not interested in anything Israel has to say. The other Arabic countries in the Middle East may be seeing the evidence and hearing it, but it’s not plausible to think they will take any action to intervene. There might even be some countries who would agree that Hamas must go, but they will not choose to side with Israel or take any outright position in derailing the hold Hamas has in Gaza.