The army is no place for defiant people and those who do not want to follow orders, or so they say. Perhaps not until Frank Luke Jr. became a US aviator during World War I, entering with his arrogance and tendencies to disobey orders. Although when it comes to doing his job, he proved that he was more than capable and dedicated to the cause he was fighting for.

On His Way To Becoming “The Arizona Balloon Buster”

Born on May 19, 1897, in Phoenix, Arizona, Luke was the fifth child among the 9 siblings. He proved to be an active and strong young man— he loved hunting, was excellent at sports, worked in copper mines, and even participated in bare-knuckle boxing matches.

When the United States entered World War I in April 1917, Frank was one of the many men who enlisted. In September that year, he chose to be part of the Aviation Section, US Signal Corps. After receiving his pilot training in Texas and California and being commissioned a second lieutenant in March the following year, he was sent to France to receive further training until July. He was then assigned to the 27th Aero Squadron.

An Honest Dislike For Excessive Discipline

As Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, fighter ace in World War I, described Luke,