Ahh, the Old West. A land of untamed wilderness, vast prairies, and rugged landscapes, where images of cowboys, outlaws, and fearless lawmen conjure. In the late 19th century, this expansive frontier became the canvas for countless tales of adventure, courage, and resilience.

It was also during this tumultuous era that a legendary figure emerged, destined to etch his name in the annals of Western folklore and rose as a symbol of justice and courage in the wild frontier – meet Frank Boardman “Pistol Pete” Eaton.

The Early Years: Tragedy and Vengeance

Pistol Pete’s journey began in a small Pennsylvania town where he was born in 1860. However, destiny had grander plans for the Eaton family when his father, a rancher, decided to relocate the family to Kansas.

Little did they know that their lives would be forever changed by a tragic event that would shape young Frank’s destiny. At the tender age of eight, he witnessed the brutal murder of his father by six outlaws, an incident that would fuel his lifelong pursuit of justice and revenge.