The Deal Sealed with Steel and Dollars

In the gritty world of naval refurbishment, where cold steel meets cold hard cash, the USS Columbus (SSN-762) has just got its share of the pie – a whopping $283.9 million.

That’s the final piece in a $300 million puzzle aimed at bringing this old sea dog back into fighting form.

It’s happening down in Virginia, and by December 2025, we’re talking about a full eight-year overhaul that’ll bring the Columbus back, fighting fit and ready for more action.

A Salute to Naval Innovation

Launched back in ’92, the Columbus is no spring chicken.

But she’s got the chops – one of the 24 Los Angeles-class submarines still punching above its weight in the US Navy’s fleet.

Los Angeles-class submarine
USS Los Angeles (SSN-688), the lead sub of the class. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Armed to the teeth with Raytheon’s Tomahawk missiles, this nuclear-powered fast-attack sub is a shark in the water, a true testament to our Navy’s might underwater.

Trailblazing Under the Waves

Back in 2002, the Columbus did something no other US submarine had done – it was the first to equip and deploy the BYG-1 Fire Control System.

That was a big deal, a real game-changer in how we handle our business under the waves.