It appears that our prediction about the war continuing this year could be right, as Ukraine’s ongoing offensive against Russian troops is set to be slow yet still strategic. Now, if you’re familiar with military strategy, you know that taking on an entrenched enemy usually involves a lot of heavy firepower, air support, and ground troops advancing with all guns blazing. However, Ukraine’s lack of a strong air force has left them with a daunting challenge – dislodging Russian troops that have been preparing for this onslaught for months.

So far, Ukraine’s troops have experienced setbacks, which is not surprising given the circumstances. It’s a sign that their offense will be a long and deadly grind – far from the quick and decisive victory they were hoping for. But why is that?

Well, let’s look at the facts. The Russian military has a vast array of modern weapons, advanced technology, and a relatively well-trained army with extensive combat experience. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military has been underfunded and under-equipped for years, leaving them with outdated gear and a largely untested force.

But that’s not all. The battlefield terrain also heavily favors the defending force, as they’ve had ample time to fortify their positions, lay traps, and set up defensive structures. These “hardened” positions are incredibly difficult to penetrate – even for the most experienced and well-equipped troops. And with Russian snipers, mortars, and artillery raining down on the advancing Ukrainian soldiers, casualties are all but inevitable.