Today, we’re delving into organized crime—specifically, the intricate, sometimes confounding, web spun by two major players: the mafia and drug cartels. 

Picture this—on one side, you have the godfathers of crime, the mafia, known for their deep roots in tradition, family ties, and a diversified portfolio of nefarious activities. On the flip side, there are the drug cartels, entities that are focused, often ruthlessly, on one main thing: the drug trade.

Don Carlo Gambino. (Wikimedia Commons)

These underworld organizations may seem similar at first glance—both wield immense power, operate outside the law, and have a global reach. Yet, scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll find unique characteristics that differentiate them. 

We’ll stroll down the darker alleys of society, where we’ll untangle the complexities of these organizations and learn what sets the mafia apart from a drug cartel.