Dogs have been used in the military for centuries, and their roles have evolved. In ancient times, dogs were used as war dogs, and their strength and courage were relied on to help troops win battles. Today, military K-9 units play a vital role in the military, supporting soldiers on the battlefield and helping to keep our country safe.


Dogs have been used in warfare for centuries. The Egyptians first recorded the use of dogs in battle in 950 BC. The dogs were used to attack the enemy’s chariots and horses and defend the Egyptian camp from enemy attacks.

In the Middle Ages, dogs were often used in sieges to pull down enemy walls or to protect attackers from enemy counterattacks.

Dogs were also used extensively in World War I and World War II. They were used to deliver messages, find wounded soldiers, and serve as sentries. After the war, military dogs were often adopted by the families of the soldiers they served with.

Today, military dogs are still playing an important role in the military. They are trained to perform various tasks, including detecting explosives and drugs, searching for missing people, and providing security at military installations. Military dogs are also frequently deployed to combat zones, where their keen sense of smell can help detect enemy fighters and bombs.

Modern Use

In recent years, military dogs have also been used more and more in law enforcement and search-and-rescue operations. Police dogs are often used to track criminals and find missing people. Search-and-rescue dogs are used to locate people who are lost or trapped in debris after natural disasters.