Ohio based Gadsden Dynamics has been producing tactical gear under the philosophy: there is a niche for a lower profile, simplified kit. Using 100% Berry compliant materials (made in the USA), Gadsden Dynamics has engineered some solid gear while firmly adhering to the K.I.S.S principle.  Count me unsurprised when Andy (the owner) wanted to send over a tiny chest rig that can fit easily into a glove box.  Meet, the Triple-G.

The Triple-G stands for “Gadsden Grab-n-Go”.  It’s a supremely simple little chest rig, capable of holding 2x 30 round 5.56mm mags.  Take two single mag pouches, add an adjustable neck strap and an adjustable waist strap and you’ve got the Triple-G.

Gadsden Dynamics Triple-G: A compact, inconspicuous rifle mag carrier
Triple-G folds up tight

All of Gadsden Dynamics’ products are advertised as “durable”.  That’s pretty standard in the tactical tool industry, and here they actually mean it.  Even a cursory inspection shows the Triple-G (like the War Belt and the Underground Partisan chest rig before it) to have more than ample stitching at every juncture and meeting point while being made of sturdy material.

While this is first and foremost a chest rig, its real reason for being, lays in its utility.  Yes, it does a great job holding two mags.  The mags aren’t loose, they don’t fall out.  If they did, this would be a very short review!  Where this really shines is in its compact and discreet nature.  When bundled up with mags inside, the Triple-G takes up very little space and doesn’t look remotely tactical.  Easily stuffed into a shooting bag, go-bag or into the corner of a rifle case, the Triple-G gives you the option of a chest rig in a hurry whether you’re a first-responder type or just want to have an easy way to sling two mags around at the range without all the “tactical-timmy” apparel.  When worn, the Triple-G is easily concealable beneath a hoodie or loose jacket.  Under the snug softshell jacket I wore to the range this day, it prints just a little.

Gadsden Dynamics Triple-G: A compact, inconspicuous rifle mag carrier

Gadsden Dynamics Triple-G: A compact, inconspicuous rifle mag carrier

In the end, there is a tool for every task and a task for every tool.  The Gadsden Dynamics Triple-G is found useful as an easily storable way to carry an extra 60 rounds that is quick to don and adjust when the need arises.  As usual, Gadsden Dynamics has priced their product pretty low in comparison to the quality of the product they produce.  I think as a smaller company it’s a way to get another angle into a heavily populated gun-gear market.  At $30, the price is right for a slim, light mag carrier.

-Rex Nanorum

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.