Tactical load bearing belts have become quite a hot item in recent years.  Shooters now have a comfortable middle ground in between “full fighting gear” and “mags in your pants pockets”.  If carrying only the essential gear while maintaining a maximum of comfort and reliability is what you’re after, odds are something like Gadsden DynamicsWar Belt is what you’re looking for.

But today I’m not looking at something like Gadsden Dynamics’ War Belt, I’m looking squarely at the no mess-around, actual thing. I’ve had plenty of time in the old ALICE pistol belt and a bit of less time spent in more modernized offerings from other manufacturers: let’s take a look at what the War Belt has to offer.

Gadsden Dynamics War Belt | First Look

Gadsden Dynamics describes this as an ultra-light belt and it’s easy to see why: with the heaviest version coming in at 10 oz, this doesn’t add a lot to your mission weight.  The overall package is very slim and yet feels extremely durable.