A couple of months ago, Gadsden Dynamics sent out a War Belt for review.  I put up my initial impressions here, but have now spent enough time at the range and over the hills to deliver a final review.

For a quick refresher, the War Belt weighs only 10 oz (with optional AustriAlpin Cobra buckle upgrade) and is 3 MOLLE rows tall.  Optional suspender looplocs are around the top perimeter allowing for extra weight dispersion if needed.  Lightweight yet tough, the War Belt made a good first impression.  Lately, I’ve been using it at both the range and during hikes.

Gadsden Dynamics War Belt | Review
Rolled into a ball, the War Belt is smaller than my fist.

Half of what a shooters belt can do for you is in the pouches and how they’re laid out.  As Gadsden Dynamics didn’t make these pouches, that’s outside the purview of this article.  However, how the belt handles said weight is the crux of the issue.  One of the big things this product has going for it is the soft inside liner.  When you’re hanging an armful of pouches stuffed with ammo, first aid kits and the odd suppressor, a rigid inside surface on a belt can wear on you very quickly.  The interior surface here has a little give to it but isn’t so soft as to worry me regarding its durability.  The War Belt hasn’t shown any signs that it is lacking in durability.  Whether doing shooting drills at the range or out for a hike with one of my boys, the belt shows no tendency toward spinning out of alignment or having the buckle loosen inadvertently.

The War Belt walks the fine line between too big and too small.  Some belts give too little height, only allowing you to loosely dangle your pouches.  Other give too much height, looking like a close cousin to a girdle.   This belt performs a similar feat when it comes to thickness.  Gadsden Dynamics offering seems remarkably thin given how strong it is.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.