The team of guys here at the Loadout Room have all put the Gatorz Eyewear to the test with everything from skydiving, to downhill skiing to shooting and running. Here is what one of our Active Duty Special Operations writers has to say about Gatorz:

The frame can be custom fit by slowly bending the heat-treated metal to contour to your face perfectly.  Gone are the days of having sunglasses that are never really all that comfortable and cause hotspots. The frame is also very thin compared to its plastic framed brethren. This is very advantageous when wearing them under hearing protection / Peltors. The thin frame allows the hearing protection to seal around the ear better, which protects your hearing more efficiently. The thin frame also alleviates the headache you can get from having a thick plastic frame pressed into your temples for hours on end. Further the styling on the Gatorz is spot on. I’m one of those guys who always looks bad in sunglasses and spends an hour finding the right pair – right out of the box this is the right pair.

I’m encouraged by the metal frame – I’ve broken many sunglasses in my job via parachuting and generally doing ops in the field. I believe that the metal frame will withstand the forces of austere environments much better than a plastic frame will. The hinge between the frame and the arms is reinforced by 5 barrel hinges, two per arm riveted in place. In comparison to the many different sunglasses that I’ve used which feature a single plastic hinge which is easily broken.”

Take a look at the following video to see what former Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf has to say about the Gatorz brand.


*Photo courtesy of Gatorz Eyewear Youtube channel

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.