A Dangerous Profession

No one ever thought being a war correspondent was going to be a safe job, but scores of members of the press have been killed thus far in the Israel-Hamas War.

In the first ten-week brawl between Israel and Gaza, I’ve seen the grim reaper dancing to a new tune, one sung by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). They’re belting out a hellish ballad, telling us that at least 68 media souls have been snatched from this mortal coil since hostilities fired up on October 7, 2023. The majority? Palestinian — 61 of them, alongside four Israelis and a trio of Lebanese. It’s a bloody tally that overshadows any annual body count recorded in any single country’s skirmish.

Listen up because CPJ’s singing a sinister verse about the Israeli military possibly playing a grim game of target practice with journalists and their kin. Picture this: a reporter, marked clear as day as press, gets snuffed out in a peaceful spot. And it doesn’t stop there; there are whispers of scribes getting ugly threats from Israeli brass and IDF officers before their loved ones catch hell.

Yours truly has had his mortality threatened a number of times while covering carnage in foreign lands, but I seriously doubt I face any real danger in my suburban home office.