Recently, a compelling short video surfaced on various social media platforms, shedding light on Israel’s latest technological innovation in its arsenal.

The circulating footage, as seen below, showcased what appears to be the debut deployment of Israel’s cutting-edge mystery drone by its troops.

Meet Israel’s Latest Kamikaze Drone Innovation

According to insights from reputable defense and aviation journalist Babak Taghvaee, Israeli soldiers utilized the newly introduced Maoz, also known as the Spike Firefly, kamikaze drone during a critical mission aimed at locating Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank.

The Spike Firefly, also known as the “Firefly Loitering Munition,” is at the forefront of Israel’s advancements in unmanned aerial technology.

It is a product of Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, designed as a loitering munition and configured in a helicopter-style layout, boasting dual coaxial counter-rotating rotor blades.

It is part of the larger Spike family of missiles, a series of anti-tank and precision-guided munitions developed by Rafael.

The Spike family has continually evolved since the early 1990s, with various versions offering different ranges, guidance systems, and deployment options.