US-Israel relations have been strengthening bonds through military assistance for seven decades.

The enduring relations between the United States and Israel have been solidified through a substantial transfer of military aid spanning more than seven decades.

An analysis conducted by Axios, drawing from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Arms Transfers Database, reveals a staggering provision of over 70,000 weapons by the US to Israel between 1950 and 2022.

This robust assistance encompasses a diverse array of armaments ranging from aircraft and ground vehicles to missiles and bombs.

Let’s delve deep into this analysis.

US Support: Cornerstone of Israel’s Defense Capabilities

As the foremost beneficiary of US foreign military financing, Israel has predominantly received aid in the form of weapons grants.

This comprehensive support has woven a deep thread of collaboration between the two nations, significantly bolstering Israel’s defense capabilities.

The present scenario underscores the intricate utilization of these US-supplied armaments in Israel’s ongoing operations, particularly in Gaza.