RAND CLP has proven itself in the realm of firearms cleaning and maintenance products, which is why the crew of SOFREP TV have chosen RAND CLP for their weapons. Recently SOFREP TV headed to the jungles of Hawaii for a Jungle Warfare Training episode. Needless to say the jungle environment can be harsh, very wet and unforgiving. Keeping their weapons functional through the course would require using something that could be applied to create a protective barrier between the wet jungle and the steel surfaces of their weapons. They also needed the product to remain on the steel surfaces and not require constant application. The product that fulfilled those needs was RAND CLP.


We at the Loadout Room are no stranger to the RAND product line. Not too long ago one of our writers who is still active duty in the military put the RAND CLP to the test. Here is what he had to say about it.

Rand CLP is a thick substance that stays where it is put. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable with a flashpoint of 607 degrees Fahrenheit. So how does it run? Like many other modern CLP’s it gives the action of an AR-15 a slick feel. With my weapon treated with Rand CLP I found that it both ran smoothly and consistently and at the end of an arduous training day would retain the lube on the necessary contact points without an appreciable amount of burn off due to heat. Where the Rand CLP has been placed, it stayed despite the intense heat and friction applied to it. What does this give me? Peace of mind. And that is worth quite a bit. I have full faith that my weapon will run reliably with this lube applied and that it will stay where it’s meant to stay throughout countless rounds.