During my service in the Marine Corps, several of us in the unit purchased the early version of the Camelbak hydration pack. That early version fulfilled its intended purpose, but had its downfalls. Since then, hydration packs have come a long way, but have always had the same issues as the original Camelbak. The two major issues with hydration packs in general are mainly associated with cleaning and hygiene.

Most bladders are difficult to clean after using them. Most common hydration bladders have a screw cap toward the top, making it impossible to get your hand inside to really scrub and clean. That small cap also makes it more difficult to refill out in the field. The other issue has to do with the drinking tube. Typically it’s a bite valve that requires you to bite down and suck in order to get water into your mouth. By doing this, you’re creating a breeding ground for germs. Naturally, nobody else wants to drink from your hydration bladder’s drinking tube.

GeigerRig has designed and produced a superior hydration pack that addresses these very issues. Let’s address the features that set this hydration engine apart from all others. The engine is able to be pressurized so that you can spray with the bite valve. The advantage to spraying vs. sucking is that you consume more water, thus staying hydrated. With your typical hydration systems, you generally need to slow down to lower your heart rate a bit in order to suck the water from the hydration bladder. With the hydration engine pressurized, you can now use the drinking tube for multiple uses.