Scoring a first class on your next physical or combat fitness test could get tougher as the Marine Corps looks to revamp its fitness and body composition standards.

Under the proposed plan, most males Marines will have to do 23 pull-ups in order to earn the max score on that portion of the PFT, up from 20 under existing rules. Women would need to do as many as 10 pull-ups to earn full points — that’s in place of the 70-second flexed-arm hang currently required for the max score.

More ammo can lifts could also be required for first-class CFT scores. Men between the ages of 31 and 35 could need as many as 125 to get full marks. Women aged 26-30 could be required to do 82 to earn the full 100 points. Men currently need to lift a 30-pound ammo can overhead at least 91 times to earn the maximum score. Women need to do 61.

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