Before 17-year-old Muhammad Riyad went on an axe rampage on Monday, slashing at least 20 passengers on a German train, he sent a suicide video to ISIS.

In the clip, which the jihadist group’s news agency, Amaq, released on Tuesday, Riyad calls himself as a soldier of the caliphate while brandishing a knife.

“I want to perform a martyrdom operation in Germany,” he proclaims. “I will slaughter you with this blade and will cut your throats with an axe.”

Riyad’s monologue closely mirrors the script that ISIS has created for lone wolf attackers, after it called on its fans in the West to kill disbelievers “wherever you find them.”

Riyad, who was reportedly born in Afghanistan and was living with a foster family in Germany, urged fellow jihadis to “fight apostate armies in your lands” if they couldn’t make it to Syria.

“[ISIS sympathizers] will slaughter you in your own homes,” Riyad warns in the video. “And they will build new bases on your lands.”

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Image courtesy of Handout via The Daily Beast