The CSU aims to ban foreign funding of German mosques to stave off extremism. The proposal has Muslim supporters, but opponents say the regulation violates a key constitutional right.

The sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU has called for stricter regulations of Islam in Germany. CSU General Secretary Andreas Scheuer laid out his proposals in an interview with German daily “Die Welt” that was published on Wednesday.

“German must become the language of the mosques,” Scheuer said in the conversation that covered integration issues, among other topics.

No more training or money from abroad

The CSU leader says Germany needs an Islam Law because certain political schools of Islam “prevent people from integrating” in Germany.

Scheuer has two main measures in mind for a potential new law. First, mosques, Islamic cultural centers and other Muslim institutions, like kindergartens, should not be allowed to take money from abroad anymore. The CSU hopes that this ban on foreign funding would stop the influence from countries like Saudi Arabia and other gulf states where a more radical form of Islam is the state religion.

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