Following Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s continued calls for weaponry and ammunition, countries like the United States, Germany, Czech Republic, and Australia heed the Ukrainian President’s call. These countries are sending Pbv-501s and Bushmaster armored vehicles to Ukraine. T-72 tanks may follow if talks brokered by the US are successful.

On March 26th, Zelensky had renewed his calls for aircraft and tanks from NATO, saying that he was requesting just “1 percent” of NATO’s tanks and aircraft. Zelensky stated that he did not ask for more and that they had been waiting for 31 days, implying that European leaders were falling short of supporting them with weapons.

“We don’t want a million of quality bulletproof vests or some special brand helmets. Give me something to defend my country with, my state,” Zelenksy boldly said on Fox News.

This was reminiscent of his calls during his speech to NATO on March 24th, where he requested 1% of all NATO’s planes and tanks.