Amidst Germany’s lukewarm response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany will now supply Ukraine with its IRIS-T air defense system to help Ukraine repel constant Russian shelling and Russian fighter jets in its fight to secure the Donbas region from advancing Russian forces.

Following continued pleas from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for more weapons, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz finally heeds their call and stepped up its deliveries of heavy weapons to Kyiv. Germany has been in hot water with the international community and their own opposition parties in Berlin for not pulling its weight in the now four-month-old war, with Scholz not wanting to send offensive weaponry to Ukraine.

In another apparent shift from its foreign policy of not sending weapons to active warzones, the chancellor has since announced that it will send the IRIS-T and radar systems to help the Ukrainian armed forces locate enemy positions and artillery.

“Most recently, the government has decided that we will deliver the most modern air defense system that Germany has in the form of the IRIS-T,” Scholz said. According to him, this system can protect “an entire major city” from Russian air attacks.

“We have been delivering continuously since the beginning of the war,” he added, saying that Germany has already given Ukraine some 15 million rounds of ammunition, 5,000 anti-tank mines, and 100,000 hand grenades. Furthermore, the German chancellor also pledged to provide Ukraine with unspecified multiple rocket launchers following the US’ decision to send its very own MLRS a few days ago. Four German rocket launchers would be sent according to the chancellor, but no further details were given.