I’ve been scouring social media for the past few days because I’ve gotten a few messages about training for selection and the gist of several of them had me wondering if some of the potential candidates were reading a few things that are out on social media and taking it as gospel.

The first and I’ve gotten several of these questions and they’re similar in the vein where young guys ask:

“Should I be training with 85-100 pound rucksacks to prepare for Selection?

The answer is, and we’ve stated that here and we’ll do it again is an emphatical No.

The training that candidates will face in the selection course will mainly be to carry 45 pounds of dry weight (minimum) during certain events. Does that mean that 45 pounds is all you will carry? Of course not. You will carry frequently more and later those weights will increase to at times over 100 pounds. Plus, during the team events in the Selection course, you’ll be asked to carry other items that will add a lot of weight to your load.

But you need to focus on the subject at hand. Don’t worry about the qualification course or what you’ll be carrying on the teams down the road. If you don’t pass Selection, you won’t have to worry about B and C.

Get used to working with a rucksack within the limits that the cadre set out. If you can carry a rucksack with a dry weight of 45 pounds over varied terrain on your own with little difficulty, then doing it in the school environment will not be a problem.

I really don’t recommend going over 55 – 60 pounds of weight in your ruck when training for selection. Why? Because any more than that and you’ll be putting yourselves at a much greater risk for injury. Like the workout programs we post on SpecialOperations.com every morning, they are designed to prepare your body to be functionally fit, with an all-over level of physical preparedness.