Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Dave Rhoden at 511 Tactical Gear. He sat me down in their conference room, pulled out a pen and with a look of intensity asked, “What do you need?”.

I went on to tell him about how relevant the tactics, principles, and gear were to professionals outside of the traditional tactical channels. I explained to him how asymmetrical warfare had thrusted traditional Operators into suits and ties and that the day’s of not blending in were over.

From there I went on to describing a new breed of business professionals. Powered executives thirsty for adventure and serious about protecting their loved ones. In almost what must have sounded like the voice of a desperate man I looked him in the eyes and said “If there was just a tactical gear company that understood this, it would be a game changer”.

Dave looked up at me and said. “You could not have come at a better time”.