Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Dave Rhoden at 511 Tactical Gear. He sat me down in their conference room, pulled out a pen and with a look of intensity asked, “What do you need?”.

I went on to tell him about how relevant the tactics, principles, and gear were to professionals outside of the traditional tactical channels. I explained to him how asymmetrical warfare had thrusted traditional Operators into suits and ties and that the day’s of not blending in were over.

From there I went on to describing a new breed of business professionals. Powered executives thirsty for adventure and serious about protecting their loved ones. In almost what must have sounded like the voice of a desperate man I looked him in the eyes and said “If there was just a tactical gear company that understood this, it would be a game changer”.

Dave looked up at me and said. “You could not have come at a better time”.

Dave stood up and began to walk me around. He showed me what they’ve done and what they’re going to be doing. He introduced me to the 511 team. Each and everyone of them engaged me with the enthusiasm and casual intensity that only comes from those passionate about what they do.

A few days later this showed up at my door. A perfect blend of tactical meeting professional. The 511 Overwatch Carry-on.

511 Overwatch Sniper Gear

Their site said it best: “Playing equal roles as a duffel, shooting platform and garment bag, the Overwatch Carry On delivers on all fronts. Fast business-casual design integrates a duffel bag, shooter’s mat and garment bag into one easy, carry-on size. When versatilty is what the mission calls for, this meets the needs of the quiet professional”.