How do we carry gear? More Specifically how do we carry gear on our body for immediate use. Typically it’s by belt, load bearing vest, chest rig, plate carrier, or some combination. Most methods of carrying serious gear, like rifle mags, and IFAKS, are done in a very high profile manner. It’s pretty difficult to conceal a plate carrier with pouches. Forget about concealment, it’s impossible to simply be low profile with a plate carrier. Plate carriers also don’t travel in a very compact manner. War belts are a little better. However, still far from low profile. Sometimes I just want to carry rifle mags or other gear without having to kit up. Be it at the range, hunting, or being prepared for the worst. The SpecOp Shop seems to have an answer with their Go Panel.

What is a Go Panel?

At its heart, it’s a piece of polymer with some holes in it. The holes are not just holes. They are MOLLE/PALS slots.  The SpecOp Shop Go Panel is designed to accommodate MOLLE based gear. It’s not a war belt or a plate carrier, or a leg rig, it’s just a panel that can be attached to your normal, everyday belt and pants.

The Go Panel By Spec Op Shop
Go Panel compared to ‘War’ Belt

It works almost like a paddle holster. It has two arms the slide between your pants and body to hold the panel in place. Alternatively, you can attach it directly to your everyday belt. In this situation, I imagine a gun belt would work the best to hold the weight. You to use it on a standard belt you’d simply put the belt through it, and ensure the strand of nylon closes the arms.

The Go Panel itself is very light and has some flexibility to it. This helps it fit a variety of body types. The Go Panel has 3 vertical rows and 4 horizontal rows, so you can attach a variety of different gear.

The Go Panel By Spec Op Shop
One on, one to go

What does the Go Panel do?

The primary goal of the Go Panel is to hold whatever gear you deem necessary and do it in a small, convenient, easy traveling package. This can be emergency gear police officers need to slap on because of active shooter. Maybe you just like three gun and want a minimalist option. It can emergency gear like flashlights, radios, knives, etc. Whatever you can scrounge up a MOLLE/PALS pouch for you can attach to this and carry comfortably without a war belt, plate carrier, or leg rig.


The Go Panel By Spec Op Shop
Ready to Roll

The next step is, of course, the review. I like the concept. It’s a convenient and easy method to interchange gear with your normal platforms. I like the idea out of pure convenience. We all probably have tons MOLLE/PALS-based gear that is compatible with this platform. I can use that gear in a much more convenient manner. Sometimes you need a plate carrier, sometimes you don’t. With interchangeable gear between platforms, you are saving money and using already familiar gear. My ultimate plan is an overall test with a variety of gear, in a variety of situations. So stay tuned. Do you have suggestions and ways for me to test this? Let us know below.