A combat-hardened Green Beret has unleashed a barrage of indictments against the command in Afghanistan and policymakers in Washington, saying the 14-year-old war effort suffers from a “profound lack of strategy” and that special operations overseers show “moral cowardice.”

“The enemy operates with impunity throughout the country due to our relentless commitment to avoid principled strategy and decision-making processes,” the Special Forces soldier says in a sworn statement he headed, “Profound Lack of Strategy.”

He bemoans the fact that the current battle plan calls for most American troops to stay in forward operating bases as fledgling Afghan troops fight the Taliban alone. It is not working, he said.

“There is a fine line between not conducting operations to keep people out of harm’s way and not conducting operations in such a fashion that it actually increases overall risk to force and risk to mission,” the Green Beret said.

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Image courtesy of AP