Grey Ghost Gear (GGG) is one part of the strategic triumvirate that also features Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) and Tactical Tailor.  While GGP deals in lead-slinging hardware and Tactical Tailor knocks out mind-boggling amounts of gear tailor-made for warfighters, GGG has a somewhat smaller scope.  To me, the result of this  focus is GGG having an even greater level of thought and engineering going into every single product.  This shows up in the details of an item, such as their Grey Ghost Range Bag.

Grey Ghost Gear range bag | Deployment ready

First, the tale of the tape.  GGG’s range bag measures in at 12″ high x 14″ wide x 8.5″ deep, for a very grand total of 1428 cubic inches.  I’ve lived out of bags not much bigger than that.   Material used for construction is 500d nylon Cordura, with the heavily applied stitching.  The strap is both wide and padded, making the trek to your shooting spot a lot more comfortable.

When I first started piling goodies into GGG’s range bag, I felt like the sides were a little too weak as they kept leaning in towards the middle.  Soon I realized the bag was far bigger than it seemed at first blush.  After tossing in some extra ear pro, binoculars and a notebook, the range bag extended to its full width and started to look partially full.  The vinyl covered side pocket has a zipper that encompasses nearly all 360°, letting you drop the whole thing down like a little workstation (see picture below).  A powerful rare-earth magnet is hidden in the middle of the flap, keeping any small metal objects from being lost should you use this area for weapons maintenance or small parts assembly.