The Grey Ghost Gear (GGG) rifle case is a solid affordable case that protects your guns and packs a little support gear. The three attachment panels provide an infinite number of placements to hold any 38 inch or shorter rifle or store a longer rifle in 2 pieces. There are two additional flat tie downs to secure a smaller item in the bag, such as a handgun or spotting scope.

GGG is well known for its tactical gear in the Mil/LEO circles, but their new products are adapted to the civilian world, something that has been sorely needed. Most civilian bags are copies of the military kit, and use the same materials. GGG has taken a new approach to that by making bags out of new materials like “non-tactical” canvas, while maintaining the level of quality and workmanship that their military lines have. While this bag is not made from canvas, it is following a new direction in mindset for civilian applications.


Every company makes a bag to carry a rifle, and most of them look just like a bag to carry a rifle. In this day and age of people being more and more conscientious about telegraphing the fact that they may have weapons in the household, in an effort to not attract the attention of potential thieves, this bag is a breath of fresh air. And at the retail price point of $129 it is a bargain for what you get.


While it does come in the standard Mil/LEO colors, I have asked GGG about making it in the other canvas colors they have been using on their Messenger and Gypsy bags. No word as of yet. But their rifle bag has some very refreshing features; best of all it looks more like a case for a Casio style keyboard than a rifle case! The case measures 38” long, 12” wide, and 4” deep. It comes with the typical handles and a carrying strap. There is one small patch of velcro on the outside that begs for a patch to throw off casual observers. I got my bag in coyote since I will be using it in the field, and in the desert coyote simply hides dirt better. But in traditional black, this could easily be mistaken for something other than a gun case by the casual observer.

Inside is where the really good stuff happens. On the lid there are two mesh pouches with zipper tops. I found them very handy for storing paperwork, data books, and even a suppressor or two in. The entire back and inside wall is lined with velcro. The weapon or weapons are held in place by the three included velcro panels that have adjustable velcro closure straps, and two long 1” wide straps for the barrels. I first used the bag to carry a .22 rifle and pistol for the Corporate Games, and the ammo. It even had room for my electronic ear pro. I used the panels around the stock and pistol grip, and the long straps around the barrels to hold them in place. Works like a champ.


So having gotten some info from one of their field testers (and when they say field tester they mean members of the US Army Special Forces) who carried his M110 broken down in it for a lengthy deployment. He absolutely raved about how well the bag held up and how it fit better inside their vehicles Afghanistan. Fair enough, I have an M110 clone so let’s give that a try! And again, it is almost like it was designed to carry a broken down M110…….


The weapons are secured quite nicely inside and very secure with no rattle or clanking. The M110 is a fairly heavy rifle and there was no indication of it trying to pull the velcro off the back while carried vertically. As you can see in the pics it is a perfect fit.


With attachment points on both side of the case, at each end, you have options for carrying it. The hang up is the clips though; they are not really overly user friendly. And the sling pad that is adjustable would also be a very nice addition. The one on the sling is fixed, curved and not really that user friendly unless you are carrying the bag parallel to the ground.


Overall, I love this bag! Not only does it have some innovative features for the way it secures the weapons, but best of all it doesn’t look like a gun bag! If you live in an apartment or even a home and you care about your neighbors seeing you lugging gun bags in and out of the house, this is a great option for you. It is a really well designed piece of kit that appears very durable. Instead of one of my expensive drag bags or shooting mat systems, I think this will be the go to bag for all my precision rifles and fighting carbines that break down. But the options are not limited there! I can carry a few short rifles like 10/22s, folder AK series rifles, or even a long gun and handgun for covert transportation or deployment. This bag needs a few simple tweaks and it would be a totally new game for the gun bag side of the industry. Given that this is the first run of the bag by GGG, and they are known for doing new and innovative things, I have faith that it will be that way very soon.

Grey Ghost Gear range bag | Deployment ready

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Available in Black, Grey and Coyote.

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This article is courtesy of Jimmy Smith from The Arms Guide.