The Grey Ghost Gear (GGG) rifle case is a solid affordable case that protects your guns and packs a little support gear. The three attachment panels provide an infinite number of placements to hold any 38 inch or shorter rifle or store a longer rifle in 2 pieces. There are two additional flat tie downs to secure a smaller item in the bag, such as a handgun or spotting scope.

GGG is well known for its tactical gear in the Mil/LEO circles, but their new products are adapted to the civilian world, something that has been sorely needed. Most civilian bags are copies of the military kit, and use the same materials. GGG has taken a new approach to that by making bags out of new materials like “non-tactical” canvas, while maintaining the level of quality and workmanship that their military lines have. While this bag is not made from canvas, it is following a new direction in mindset for civilian applications.


Every company makes a bag to carry a rifle, and most of them look just like a bag to carry a rifle. In this day and age of people being more and more conscientious about telegraphing the fact that they may have weapons in the household, in an effort to not attract the attention of potential thieves, this bag is a breath of fresh air. And at the retail price point of $129 it is a bargain for what you get.