I am quickly learning that Drew Wallace, former Army Ranger and producer of SOFREP TV, has one of the most fun jobs here at Hurricane Media. When he asked me to join them for the Hog Hunt episode in Central Texas, I was excited not only to shoot hogs from a helicopter but also to see how the whole process of filming the SOFREP TV show Training Cell worked.

In this episode Drew featured fellow veterans, Nick Betts (former Army sniper), Drew Dwyer (Marine veteran and former CIA), Jacqueline Carrizosa (Navy veteran), Jonas (Special Forces veteran and instructor at Shooter Performance Institute), and Mike (Special Forces veteran and instructor/owner of Shooter Performance Institute).

Episode 6 focuses on aerial target interdiction on both steel targets as well as wild hogs. Aerial target interdiction is an important skill for the SOF community.

Helicopters are a very common mobility platform in the SOF community, and like any mobility piece you need to be well versed in all their opportunities and limitations. Not only is it important to understand the safety aspect during maneuvers, turns, etc, but it’s even more critical to learn effective target engagement while riding the aircraft. So, we wanted to test our ability to remain lethal when using the helicopter as starting point. That ability to remain lethal in any environment, conditions, or mobility platform is an aspect that really distinguishes SOF from other units. Last Shadow, and Shooter Performance Institute, have the experience and capabilities to refine these skills for guys. – Drew Wallace

Last Shadow not only provided the aircraft, pilots, and crew, but also the hundreds of acres to hunt and play on.

When Episode 6 is published in May, I’ll also publish an article highlighting my hog hunting experience.

Check out the sneak peek below:

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