I always get asked the question, “What’s the best laser or sight system for my gun?” I am a big fan of keeping it simple. Add too much crap to the mix and you may look like a tactical ninja on the range but you’ll look a different way when it comes down to shooting for keeps!

I’ll spare you the Navy SEAL instinctive fire lesson and just tell you these seven words: get a tactical light for your weapon.  You don’t need a laser, a light blinds and can (and should) be used as your front sight.  It works as I demonstrate in the video below. I’m sure the usual overweight self-proclaimed gun experts writing for Harris publications (Have you seen those weirdos?) will tell you different however, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Handgun Tactics: Why You Don’t Need a Laser

SUREFIRE X300 weapon light

Watch and decide for yourself. Then get a light and forget the fancy lasers.

This article is courtesy of Brandon Webb, via The Loadout Room.