Many people may buy these rifles and decide to turn them into designated marksman rifles or long range rifles. Me? I turned my PTR91 GI model into a fighting rifle. I had PTR replace the 18 standard GI barrel with a 16 inch bull barrel, replace the rubber charging handle with an all steel one, and mount a rail on the receiver. Once they did this for a fair price, I got the rifle back and mounted on a classic wide forearm handguard. From there, I have run thousands of rounds through this rifle without taking the forearm off. This is what happens when a .308 rifle turns into a fighting rifle.

Keep in mind that everything on this rifle is in perfect working order and will be just fine. I am aware of different metal rail systems designed for the PTR91 platform, but this grip system cost a fraction of what those cost. The grip is far from ruined and I do not see the value in spending hundreds of dollars for cosmetics I would never see unless I chose to.