To all the men who hold the title United States Marine, Happy Birthday!

Today is a time for Marine veterans and Active Duty Marines to reflect on our history and our purpose.

Every year when November 10th rolls around, I watch the above video to remind me of where I came from when I made the transformation from civilian to United States Marine, and to motivate me to continue as a Marine Corps Veteran. To me, my service in the Marine Corps was much more than just an enlistment in the military. It’s about a brotherhood that was formed. A brotherhood where we would each die for one another without thinking about it. Very few people know what it’s like to be a teenager, take an oath to serve your country, and die for it if need be. On every Marine Corps birthday, I remember those brothers with whom I served.

Today I raise a beer to my Marine Corps brothers. Semper Fi gents!

This article courtesy of Scott Witner of the Loadout Room.