The ongoing IsraelHamas War and brewing regional conflict in the Middle East could have far-reaching blowback and consequences for the world. Despite the initial battle between Israelis and Palestinians being fought over land, the geopolitical quagmire quickly became embroiled in sectarianism and religious extremism.

The Islamic Republic, led by an Islamic theocratic regime, looks to exacerbate tensions into a religious conflict—which is currently a goal of the Mullahs. Wanting to spread the ‘Islamic Revolution’ to other theaters, the Mullahs look to manipulate the emotions of Muslims worldwide and inspire and coerce them into a “good versus bad” jihad.

Israel-Hamas War and Regional Escalation

On October 7, Hamas committed one of the worst terrorist actions the world has seen since the September 11 attacks. Breaching Israeli barriers and catching the Shin Bet off guard, various Hamas hit squads committed an indiscriminate slaughter, with the Israeli and foreigner death toll reaching at least 1300 as of this article.