Israel and Hamas are heading for one of the most devastating wars in the 21st century. After a highly sophisticated terrorist attack that killed upwards of 1300 Israeli civilians and foreigners, Hamas has put the entire Palestinian population of Gaza into the crossfire of a brutal vengeance that hasn’t been seen since retaliatory actions in the Yugoslav Wars.

Israel will conduct its most thorough war since 1973, as many experience shock at Gaza’s deteriorating situation. International bodies attempt to deter a wider war through force deterrence, diplomacy, and pleas to Netanyahu’s ruling government as over two million Palestinians are trapped in the Gaza Strip.

Israel-Hamas War

In the aftermath of the heinous terror attacks by Hamas, Israel immediately declared war for the first time in 50 years. An emergency unity government has been formed around Benjamin Netanyahu, who originally came to power in Israel in the early 2000s due to security demands over any peace deal during the Second Intifada.