Lebanon has been bustling in the past few days following the discovery of the biggest prostitution network ever operated in the country. While pro-Hezbollah newspapers deem that the Lebanese organization aided in exposing the network, anti-Hezbollah social media activists have launched an attack against the organization, claiming that one of its members was the network’s head.

The prostitution network, revealed by the Lebanese police in the coastal city of Jounieh, north of Beirut, included 75 women, most of them Syrian. The network’s operators convinced the women to leave their homeland and move to Lebanon by offering them apparent jobs at Lebanese restaurants.

Inspected by 18 guards at the brothel, the women were obliged to serve as prostitutes 20 hours a day. If a woman’s client did not like the way he was treated by her, she would have been hit, tortured or sexually harassed by the network’s operators.

The network, which started operating in 2011, was not only a prostitution network, but also an ISIS-like human trafficking network, in which the operators sold or hired out women to other networks.

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Image courtesy of Lebanese Examiner