The American Revolution, that whole fight for independence from Britain? Yeah, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Sure, everyone remembers the big battles, but there were tons of smaller ones, too. These weren’t exactly glorious – more like a grim reminder that war is messy and brutal.

One such event, kind of forgotten compared to the big stuff, was the Massacre at Hancock’s Bridge in New Jersey.

This whole thing went down in March of 1778, and let’s just say it was a dark day that showed just how violent things could get when people were fighting for what they believed in.

A Divided State: New Jersey in the Revolution

New Jersey, situated between the major population centers of New York and Philadelphia, became a critical battleground during the Revolution.

Unlike some colonies, loyalties in New Jersey were far from clear-cut.

While a strong contingent of colonists supported independence, a significant population remained loyal to the British crown.

This internal division fueled tensions and mistrust within communities, creating a volatile atmosphere ripe for violence.