China has spent Billions in Hollywood in an attempt (apparently a successful one) to overtly control the narrative to American and global viewers.

It’s a well know fact among industry professionals (we’ve spoken to several industry insiders confidentially) that you do not produce any major series or film that has (not even a whisper) any negative Chinese sentiment. 

The funding stops if you do, and this is the problem with the not-so-creative entertainment industry today. 

A culture of acquiescing to Beijing’s censors is now the norm, and there’s little sign of it changing.

Hers is a cautionary tale—and a common one these days. No matter their clout in Hollywood, filmmakers and actors have always been subject to bosses who decide which movies get to soar at the box office and which are left to languish. Now, more than ever before, that boss is Beijing.

“China seems to have turned its back on Hollywood.”

The biggest Chinese movies of the past several years, by far, have tended to be “main melody films,” a genre unique to the Chinese industry that refers to quasi-propagandistic movies embodying the official ideologies of the Chinese Communist Party. The top local hits of the past year are representative: The Battle at Lake Changjin, which earned $899.4 million in 2021, and its sequel, The Battle at Lake Changjin: Water Gate Bridge, which has brought in $638 million since its Feb. 1 release. Both films are emotionally rousing war epics glorifying China’s victories over U.S. forces during key episodes in the Korean War (known in China as the “War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea”).

Hollywood has sold out America for Chinese funding and continues to go full two Jimmy happy with the loose pockets of what is likely a Xi state-sponsored media agenda. 

So where has the creative freedom in America gone? 

Right out the window apparently.

America today is afraid of its own shadow. 

At SOFREP we ask the same question sung by the talented, Paula Cole.

Where have all the Cowboys gone? Where is our John Wayne? 

Apparently getting a gender reassignment. 

Jackie Chan tempers anti-U.S. rhetoric long enough to sell you tickets to his new movie

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Note: we respect all people and their choices but reserve the right to insult everyone equally, even ourselves. If we can’t laugh at ourselves it’s a sad day. 

Then there is the latest Top Gun release.

An amazing aviation tribute but had as many stones as a eunuch colony and a kindergarten plot mountain. 

No mention of any enemy, no strong lines, no strong plot, and a brilliant ground-to-air strike mission into an unknown enemy’s territory. 

Just two Jimmy-happy, fat-fisted Chinese sausages in hand with mayo on the face of Hollywood again. 

Thank you sir may I have another…

Where have all the thought-provoking culturally meaningful shows gone? YouTube apparently.

Thank Allah for the internet and the rise of creator control. America has become eyes wide shut to the Hollywood sell-out on aisle 7. And thank you God for the new and offensive SOFREP book club

Sometimes we need to be offended. It perturbs, provokes, and gets us thinking, but it seems we’ve lost our way with both news and entertainment today. News has become entertainment and entertainment has become news. 

We bring this up because the American public should know that US-based studio heads are inadvertently pushing a Chinese agenda that is meant to weaken American interests and strengthen the Chinese. 

And in full disclosure American intelligence attempts the same thing abroad but when it comes to China it’s nearly impossible to get into their well-guarded house. Just ask the NBA how easy it is to criticize the Communist censorship regime.

There are plenty of fingers to point at home where our American politicians infight rather than constructively repair our cracked slab foundation. 

But remember to vote with your dollars at the theater next time you sniff out an entertainment fluff piece and if we all make some noise it will get the attention it deserves.

The fact that we can have dissenting opinions is what truly makes America a special place to call home regardless of the family we all share.