By now we are all aware of the horrible accident suffered by the cadre members and students at the JFK SWC (Special Warfare Center) on Thursday where the U.S. Army Green Berets are trained at Ft. Bragg, NC.

While the details are still sketchy, the class of prospective Special Forces Engineers (18C) were attending a class on the range for Homemade Explosive Devices when this awful tragedy occurred. We also know through SOFREP’s sources inside the ATF that one of their Special Agents was also there, a former Special Forces Engineer and he was injured also by shrapnel but is going to be alright.

This was the worst accident suffered by the school house’s Engineer Committee since an accident in 1970 that killed a number of prospective Green Berets.

This, along with the tragedy of the 15 Marines who were burned inside an Amphibious Vehicle earlier this week shows what a dangerous business it is defending the United States. Our troops have a difficult and dangerous job, even when they’re in the “safe” confines of the U.S.

Invariably, because of this accident, even before the details are known, there will be a cry for this Homemade Explosives training to be cut from the curriculum of the SF students. Some out of touch or unknowing bean counter will deem the training as “too dangerous” and push the issue down thru the chain of command. This training has always been taught to the SF “demo men” but a few years ago, it was stopped for some reason. We learned yesterday, that the training has been brought back on board. It is needed, is very important and must remain on the books.

Homemade explosives and improvised device training are imperative not only for our Special Operators but for local, state and federal law enforcement as well as our EOD technicians who support all of the above-mentioned organizations. These people are our front line in the war against the terrorists. But before we go any further, what exactly are homemade explosives?

Extremist and Terrorist groups all around the world are always on the lookout for easier and cheaper ways to make bombs and explosives. With the majority of governments cracking down on the export and sale of military and industrial grade explosives, except for a few rogue nations that sponsor terrorism, it has become harder for terrorists to find the explosives they want…so they’ve done their homework and constructing them out of ordinary household items. The internet is chock full of recipes on how to construct improvised explosives.

The Boston Marathon bombing wasn’t done with any kind of high-grade explosives, just a pressure cooker bomb whose instructions on how to build one were easily found online.