I work in an office environment and so try to keep things low-key.  Fortunately I also work in the firearms industry so folks don’t freak out on the occasion that I walk down the hall with a carbine or two in hand.  What you see here is my standard pocket load: Bersa BP9CC, phone, car keys, and knife.

The knife is a simple Kershaw I picked up online somewhere for $20-30.  As a rule I won’t pay more than that for a knife as 99% of its use will be for opening boxes and other simple chores.  A knife-fighter I am not.  This one opens quickly with a flick, locks securely, and fits my hand.  Tanto is the shape of choice for me as it provides two options for starting a cut.



On my hip (yes, that’s right, I still carry at the 4 o’clock). is the Bersa BP9CC.  While it may not be the best carry gun (very light trigger), it does fit oh-so-comfortably on my hip in the Aliengear holster.  After testing over 60 types of defensive ammo I’ve lately been carrying Oath Tango or GBW Legend Pro.  Both performed well in my tests with this size of gun.  The difference simply depends on the magazine I grab that day.

As a computer is part of any white-collar job these days I use a messenger-type bag by Vertx.  I chose Vertx for two reasons: I love their stuff, and this one gives me room for some friends in case someone starts a party but wasn’t invited.






Hiding in a rear pocket is my trusty Walther P99AS.  A great gun that was my daily carry until I had to start wearing grown-up clothes.  This bag also permits for a sheet of level IIIA soft armor.

This may seem like a bit much, but I feel prepared and good about it.  Should any office meeting be of the hostile type I know I have armor and ammo.



This article is courtesy of Graham Baates from The Arms Guide.