Honeywell, the North Carolina-based aerospace giant, has recently been awarded a pivotal contract to supply state-of-the-art engines for South Korea’s forthcoming CH-47F Chinook helicopters.

This agreement marks a crucial milestone in South Korea’s ongoing efforts to replace its aging CH-47s, specifically the D variant, with the latest and most advanced rotorcraft technology available.

The CH-47F Chinook, renowned for its versatility and capability, is poised to take a prominent role in South Korea’s defense forces, and Honeywell’s engines will be at the heart of these formidable machines.

A Testament of Confidence

Honeywell’s contract will see the company provide South Korea with a total of 41 T55-GA-714A engines, an impressive feat in aerospace technology.

This engine’s latest configuration is designed to generate an impressive 5,000 shaft horsepower, a significant upgrade that elevates the Chinook platform to new heights. With this enhancement, even in the most austere scenarios, the CH-47F Chinook can reach a remarkable top speed of 170 knots (314 kilometers/196 miles per hour).

Dave Marinick, the President of Honeywell Aerospace Engines and Power Systems, expressed his gratitude for the partnership and stated, “We have a longstanding relationship with South Korea, and we appreciate the opportunity to continue supporting them on their new CH-47F Block I Helicopters with our latest T55-GA-714A engine configuration.

He further highlighted the significance of this contract, stating:

“The latest contract to supply 41 T55 engines is a testament to South Korea’s confidence in our battle-proven engines. To date, our T55 engines have logged some 12 million hours of operation on the Boeing CH-47 and MH-47 Chinook helicopters.”