At the height of the Second World War, when nations across Europe were tearing each other apart, one country was able to keep its firm grip on neutrality despite standing in the heart of this bloody, brutal conflict: Switzerland.

Home to the world’s most panoramic alps, luxury watches, trustworthy banks, and the best of the best production of chocolates and cheese—Swiss is likewise known for its long-standing neutral policy.

In fact, the last time the Swiss engaged in any military skirmish was over a hundred years ago when the country had a short civil war. It also attempted to invade neighboring states years prior, but when that did not work, the Swiss seemingly decided to simply stop such efforts in the future and instead settled for what it had, subsequently adopting perpetual neutrality.

Switzerland via Google Earth

Though, sometime in the mid-1850s, the Swiss had temporarily mobilized its armed troops to deter any possible invasion by Prussia, and another one during the early 1870s at the onset of the Franco-Prussian War. But after that, they adhered to the policy of staying neutral, especially in times of global conflict.