This is probably an article that would better suit my own personal blog, as it isn’t an opinion piece, expert analysis, and certainly wouldn’t be considered special operations or intel. It’s simply a rant about society and the plague of conspiracy theories we’re faced with daily, coming from a soldier who has simply had enough.

First of all, visiting a website where SOF and IC guys are authors, you might be tempted to ask about the validity of one conspiracy or another you may have found somewhere in the vast, lawless expanse of the Internet. I advise you against it. If these guys tell you anything, they will have to kill you.

I am amazed by the number of people who sincerely believe in conspiracies: the use of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) as a weapon, chemtrails, Moon-landing denial, Area 51, the list goes on. Does it mean that all those people are idiots or uneducated? The answer is not that simple, even though I, too, am very often tempted to make such assumptions of character when asked ridiculous questions relating to conspiracies.

The thing is, the human brain is wired to promote such thinking. Kind of ironically, thanks to this specific trait, we have managed to adapt to our environment throughout the evolution of our species, and eventually create a technologically advanced civilization that has helped us escape the very mechanism that led us here: the survival of the fittest. That does not mean we have lost all connection with our primitive past, however.