From lightsabers to exosuits, sci-fi movies sure have tons of awesome and lethal weapons that we all wanted as kids (or maybe until now.) It’s easy to choose them anytime over seemingly boring pistols, or rifles but the question is, how realistic (or unrealistic) are they?

The Lightsaber

A lightsaber user with a purple lightsaber. ©Gerardofegan / Wikimedia Commons

One of the most well-known sci-fi weapons, especially to Star Wars fans, is the Lightsaber. It is a “laser sword” powered by a kyber crystal. While truly an awesome fictional weapon, the problem with it is that it defies the laws of physics. (Sorry, Isaac Newton!) A laser pulse is around 300x the speed of light, which means it should be invisible to the naked eye. There have been some attempts to try to create one. However, 1.) With plasma, and not a laser, and; 2.) they have to wear a backpack that carries the computer control and the propane and oxygen fuel. Plus, imagine how expensive it could be to keep it up and running. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty amazing.

Battle Exosuits of Edge of Tomorrow

A scene in Edge of Tomorrow. Photo; Warner Bros.

In the movie Edge of Tomorrow, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) had to combat aliens invading the Earth. He had to wear military-grade exoskeletons that turned them into super soldiers. They can run faster, jump higher, and lift impossibly heavy objects. These exoskeletons are even equipped with rocket launchers. Plus, they look super cool. Is it realistically possible? Unless we can come up with a lightweight, portable power supply that could power the suit and last for at least, say, 5 hours, it would remain in the sci-fi realm. Lockheed Martin is developing exoskeleton technologies, called ONYX, that could help soldiers increase their mobility and reduce walking and climbing efforts. However, ONYX is a knee-exoskeleton and not a full-body, heavy suit. And what if you have to go to the bathroom?