Using her Robar Polymar AR (“VF” model), equipped with an Aimpoint T1, and 53gr Cor-Bon DPX ammunition (5.56×45), Vicki brought down a mature Painted Desert Sheep with a single shot! Range was 75m, and he went down in his tracks. Never took another step! Weight was 80lbs.
Once again, 5.56×45, with high-performance, DPX ammunition proves more than a match for animals this size!

An hour later, I had the opportunity to engage a 540lb pig with my Robinson Arms XCR/L in 300Blk, also equipped with an Aimpoint T1. I was using Cor-Bon 123gr MPR (“cup and core”), supersonic. My preference is DPX, with its solid-copper bullets, but it is not available right now.
The 300Blk is only marginally adequate for an animal this dense and this big, but I decided to give it a go!
In any event, I was able to get within 50m of this huge pig, but he was facing me, so I waited for him to turn sideways. When he did, I put the red dot high on his shoulder and pressed-off the first shot. It hit exactly where it was aimed.
I caught the link and delivered my second shot less than a second later. It hit just behind the first. Back on the link, I delivered my third shot. All three shots were launched within two seconds. My XCR has a suburb trigger!
I actually fired four additional shots (a second apart), but one hit a tree as the pig ran behind it.  It was like being in a gunfight!
Most of the my bullets were not recovered. We did find pieces of two, and both had “over-performed,” that is they expanded, but to the point of core separation.

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