We all know “That Guy” the prepper that has enough guns and ammo to wage a second Battle of the Alamo, and win. The type of people who equate firepower with survivability. I’m not in any way downplaying the role, or need for an appropriate amount of firepower in a disaster event. However, it does seems prudent to be prepared to sustain heat in the event that public utilities have failed.

When chaos and disaster comes, and it will eventually, surviving will be more about beans than it will be about bullets. Hurricane season upon us here in North America. Many of us live in areas of the country that can be subject to prolonged periods of sub freezing temperatures, ice storms, tropical storms, hurricanes and other events that often interrupt basic utilities.

Generator Needs 

Are you prepared for when that event happens? Our own Robert McCartney did a great article on emergency generators. If you missed it you should take a moment to click the link and read it, much of what I have to add will work in tandem with his article. Emergency generators are an important piece of any emergency preparedness scenario, but not the only piece.