Many experts have speculated what a US-Russo war would look like, and if not for the events happening around the Ukraine-Russia war right now, we probably would not have more clarity on Russia’s military power. However, a new study analyzes what a nuclear war between US and Russia would look like and how it would affect the world.

According to the latest research by Lili Xia and Alan Robock from the Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University, New Jersey, a nuclear war could cause a “catastrophic disruption of global food markets.” Just like what we’re experiencing now, the food industry has become a byproduct of the sanctions in Russia, as well as the limited supply of oil from one of the world’s biggest suppliers.

The same would happen for the potential nuclear war between two nations…but worse.

Since we’re tackling the possibility of a nuclear war, it could be comparable to natural-occurring events like volcanic eruptions. These cause sudden global climate disruptions that ultimately affect food security.